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Marquee Lighting
Whether you’re looking to set the mood for a wedding celebration, party or brighten up a business conference we have a selection of marquee lighting that will create the perfect atmosphere including; Starlight Linings, Up-lighters, Fairy Lights, garden lighting and more.

LED uplighters are our most popular lighting system and are very effective for theming your event and enhancing room features, walls and flowers. Our LED uplighters are in a smart chrome finish and can provide endless colour sequences. They can be dimmed and also provide light to sound – light changes with the beat of the music!

We can also provide Halogen uplighters in an immaculate white finish giving a white light which can also be dimmed.

Uplighters are great for wedding and party marquees as they shine up into every point of the marquee giving off a great feel of elegance.


Our Starlight lining comes in black cloth with white and the occasional blue LED lights. They have a speed controller so you can make the light speed up or slow down to give a twinkling effect.

Ideal for weddings or parties; Starlight over a dance floor gives a great atmosphere, looks amazing and will wow your guests.


Classic brass chandeliers will complement any marquee and can be used in conjunction with dimmer controls to set the mood for any event. We can provide 8 or 12 branch chandeliers to suit any size of marquee. Chandeliers are a great way of brightening up the marquee on a dull day. Chandeliers come in Gilt, Ivory or Black.


Each pinspot creates a sharp beam of light for highlighting a table centre or other features. The overall impact is elegant and sophisticated.

Garden Uplighters in White or Colour

Metal halides provide the perfect solution for uplighting trees, buildings and features with rich colour. As the lights have a coloured gas, rather than using a coloured gel, they are extremely efficient and use little power.



Festoon Lighting

Festoon lighting can add colour to your marquee or garden.  Also available in white they give a lovely warm, well distributed light and can be used either on their own or in combination with fairy lights or Chandeliers.

Festoon lights or market lights are perfect for marquee lighting as they are both functional and stylish.

Fire Pit

Hire a Fire-pit for your wedding, party or event and provide and extra area for your guests to socialise and keep warm.

Fire-pits appeal to all ages and are perfect at any time of year, summer or winter. They also make excellent ashtrays should you have smokers amongst your group!

Our fire-pit package includes kindling and fire-lighters.

Our commitment is the key to our ability to meet your wedding requirements.